The Complete Resource On Starting Your Blog, Becoming A Pinterest VA and Learn Affiliate Marketing

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These are my favorite apps and tools when I started as a Pinterest VA, create my own blog and side hustle for affiliate pinning. The purpose of creating this list is to help you find the right tools to set your online career on the right direction.

Complete resource you need to start your blog, become a Pinterest VA and learn affiliate marketing.

Here are some of my favorite resources when starting my career as a Pinterest VA, creating my website, guides for blogging, free feminine stock photos, affiliate marketing, and more! Feel free to check them out to use in your business.

Creating Your Own Website


1. Namecheap- you can get a great domain for as low as $0.88/year. Namecheap Private Email Hosting can only cost at $0.88/month. It's cheaper to use than GSuite.


Start Blogging


1. Blog by Number Ebook by Suzi of

This serves as my guide on starting with my blog. This e-book is your complete guide from setting your goals for blogging, brainstorming your blog posts, getting traffic, making money through blogging, and includes a blogging workbook! Be inspired from the story Suzi Whitford of who made her first $53,000 in her first year of blogging.




1. Become a Pinterest VA Today!

This is a course brought to you by Gina Horkey and Kristin Larsen. I enrolled in this course and this really helped me on how to charge my services, how to select my target market, where to find my clients, how to pitch to my potential clients, and how to follow-up. Personally, this is the best investment that I have at a very affordable price! You can read on how to become a Pinterest VA here.


2. Squarespace- Create your own professional website like mine even if you're not a techie. Get this free course from Fempreneur to understand the basics of Squarespace. 


2. Boardbooster Breakthrough

Want to automate your pinning on Pinterest but you are on a tight budget? Get the course of McKinzie of Mom Make Cents. It includes a 5 video lessons and 27-page e-book to learn how to strategize your pinning on Boardbooster. Plus, you'll get 3,000 pins FREE on Boardbooster (worth $30) if you get the course!                                                                  


Earning Through Affiliate Marketing


1. Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours Ebook from House of Brazen

If you want to do affiliate marketing without blogging, you can get this e-book to help you understand what is affiliate pinning and how you can do it. 


Free Feminine Stock Graphics

1. Ivory Mix

You can get access to 300+ FREE Feminine Stock Photos plus you can receive more free in your inbox when you sign up using this link. Ivory Mix is the best resource library where you can get stock photos for your branding.


2. 5 Days To Profitable Affiliate Pinning ECourse                                                                   

Want to learn how to create a substantial income on Pinterest without blogging? Read here. Or you read the Frequently Asked Questions about Making Money on Pinterest.                                  


2. Haute Chocolate

I'm using Haute Chocolate Stock Photos on my website! They have FREE feminine stock photos you'll definitely love! You can sign up to receive monthly free stock photos.


Other Tools You'll Surely Love

1. Payoneer- You'll receive exactly the same account you requested from clients! No fees on invoices! Plus, you'll get a reward of $25 once you signed up and receive your first $100! Sign up here.

2. Tailwind- Automate you pinning schedule on Pinterest with Tailwind! Try it and schedule your first 100 pins!

3. Canva- I created all my awesome images using Canva! If you want your logo done, you can get the 30-day trial. Here's an awesome tutorial from