How I Made My First Affiliate Sale In 24 Hours Using Pinterest!

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I started blogging last week of July 2017 and explore affiliate marketing this first week of August. I am a total newbie both to blogging and affiliate marketing but I'm quite surprised of the rewards I get for working hard for it.

I started pinning my affiliate links on Pinterest last August 3 and through the help of some awesome Facebook Groups, I was able to increase repins of my affiliate links within that same day. That same day also I received my first notification that I get my first affiliate sale! I'm totally blown away by how too fast I can make money in a day!

Here's the screenshot of my 3 affiliate sales in 24 Hours!

How I Made My First Affiliate Sale On Pinterest in 24 Hours - Affiliate MArketing Tips

It may seem like a small amount but this was a sign that I'm off to a good start. I need to exert more effort on creating strategies for promotion of my affiliate links.

Let me share with you the exacts steps I did to make this happen:

1. I bought the How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook last June 2017 but I wasn't able to read it soon because I'm busy crafting my website and handling some freelancing work. I reviewed all my paid e-books last week of July and started to focus my attention on how to create passive income with affiliate marketing at the same time do some blogging. I followed all the guidelines written on th e-book resulting to my 3 first affiliate sales in 24 hours!

2. Upon learning all my paid e-books and courses have affiliate programs, I created pins for each and create a separate board on my Pinterest profile. 

Here's an example of my affiliate pin:

3. I joined Facebook Groups to help increase repins of my affiliate pin. Read How To Track Your Blog Promotion on Facebook Groups And Get More Organized to see what FB groups I joined and how I track my blog and affiliate link promotions on each thread using an excel template.

This is all what I did to get my first affiliate sales in 24 hours. After that 24 hours, there wasn't a day I did not receive a notification of new affiliate sale.

I highly recommend that you should get the How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook first if you want to start doing affiliate marketing. This e-book will help you on what affiliate network you should join, how to create your affiliate pins and how to automate pinning on Pinterest.

I thought it was impossible for 24 hours but I did it anyway! You can too!