Squarespace Tip: The Easiest Way to Hide A Vertical Pin in Your Blog Posts

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Learn how to Hide Vertical Pins in your Blog Post in Squarespace. Creating different versions of pins for your blog posts is very helpful to promote your blog.

I am a newbie in Squarespace and I am not a techie.

I thought I'll find it hard to set up a professional-looking website but I realized it was not. You just have to find some helpful resources out there.

So, I want to contribute to helping others by documenting what I did and make a tutorial for it.

Before that, let me sum up first the importance of hiding a vertical pin or any graphics in any blog post:

  • You want your blog to look professional. Too many graphics can cause clutter, right? It's a turn off for a reader to see that. 

  • One best strategy of pinning on Pinterest is to create a lot of pin image versions in a single post. Some Pinterest group boards require no pin duplicates. Again, we can only post 1 vertical pin to each blog post.

Let's get into the tutorial:

1. Copy this code and paste it on your digital sticky note or whatever word document app you have: <div style="display:none">your HTML code</div>

2. Create an account on Imgur.com. Upload your photos. Then, choose the photo you want to add in your blog post. It would probably look like this: 

squarespace tip: How To Hide a vertical pin on your blog post

3. Copy the HTML code and paste it to the code in your sticky note where it says "your HTML code". You can compare your code with this:

Squarespace Tip- Hide A Vertical Image in Your Blog Post 2

4. Change the "source: imgur.com" with SEO-rich description related to your blog posts. Take this sample: 

Squarespace Tip- Hide A Vertical Image in Your Blog Post 2

Pinterest Tip: This is what appears on your rich pins once shared on Pinterest. So ensure to provide a good description.

5. Upon editing your blog post, just add a Code Block and paste your code in there. Make sure you add the Code Block at the end of your blog post so it won't affect your blog format (it might create a blank space).

6. Save and Publish your blog post. You're done!

To see your hidden pins, either click Pinterest Save Button or Tailwind Publisher in your Chrome Extension. You can create 2-3 hidden vertical pins so you can have a fresh pin to share on Pinterest Groups to promote your blog post.

Squarespace Tip- Hide A Vertical Image in Your Blog Post 4