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Learn how deleting my Upwork account was one of the best decisons I made! I became a Pinterest VA and I get to earn my ideal rate! Yippee!

I deleted my Upwork profile today!

Whew! It was actually a hard decision for me.

I worked hard for it for how many months-from getting my profile approved to getting five-star reviews from clients.

Here's a screenshot of complete reviews in my Upwork profile:


For 8 months since the first time I got a client in there (November 2016), I really tried hard to maintain my job success score at above 90%. Below screenshot is my JSS score before I deleted my account.

Learn how deleting my Upwork account was one of the best decisons I made! I became a Pinterest VA and I get to earn my ideal rate! Yippee!

Many are actually asking me why I have to delete it since it is very hard to get your profile approved and it will take a long time to build your profile with positive feedback. Many freelancers are struggling to even get a gig!

Here are my reasons why:

1. Client's Different Timezone- Most of my clients in Upwork were from US and I am here in the Philippines, so I am ahead by 12 hours. So in order for me to actively communicate my proposals to the clients during their most available time online, I have to ensure that from 10 pm up to 5 am I am awake to send proposals and respond to their replies. I did this routine for the first 4 months I've been in Upwork. There's a lot of competition in there so I need to ensure to submit a quality proposal and be the first they'll see in their inbox. Although this strategy seems to work, it is not healthy. Almost everyday I got that flu-like symptoms, sleepiness, and a loose bowel movement. I have to take care of my health before anything else. And I need to do something to change my routine as soon as possible!

2. Low Paying Clients- For the first six months of my freelancing, I have that newbie mindset that I'm willing to do a free internship just to get an experience. Low rates won't matter to me as long as I gained lessons from time to time. I am quiet a very positive person so I'll just face any challenge head on. So you see, I have all 5 stars in all my reviews. I worked more than what is expected, that's why. In the long run I realized that I have given people the chance to "abuse" me. I felt tired doing something for a small bucks! (Sad face). 

3. Limited Number of Proposals Monthly - I never wanted anything to stop me. So when some applications like Upwork has limitations and I would need to spend money to access some features, this motivated me to find ways not to be dependent on it. And to be honest, I'm actually tired of waiting for responses for my proposals. Maybe out of 30 proposals monthly, there would at least 5-10 clients who will respond. What's worst was I ensured that I am awake for every notifications in my email from Upwork. I am awake at night 'til 4 am. Then I slept during the day. My body clock changed. My eating routine changed.  

All these triggered me to make a change! I created a strategy plan for my career last April 2017 with the goal in mind that for the next three months, I should get my ideal rate, ideal client and ideal job.

Here were my plans last April 2017:

  • Focus on one niche for my services rather than a General VA.

  • Be a Pinterest VA by May 2017 and get an hourly rate of not less than $15.

  • Plan for my life for the next five years and strategize my daily, weekly and monthly plans.

  • Ensure that my daily routine is aligned with my goal. 

And guess what happened next? I just got a gig as a Pinterest VA at the beginning of May 2017. Yes! And the rate? It's $30 for less than 30 minutes of work!

Yay! My hard work paid off! Yes! Yes! Yes!

And I did not stop in there!

I enrolled in Become a Pinterest VA Today by Kristin Larsen and Gina Horkey last June 2017. It's just a week since I started to watch the videos and apply the guidelines on the workbook and I had learned a lot of things:

  • How to charge for my services as a Pinterest VA

  • How to select my target market

  • Where to find clients

  • How to pitch to potential clients

  • How to follow-up

If you want to get access to the course, check out this blog on How to be a Pinterest VA or check this course offering

If you are a total newbie, I recommend you to check out my Resource Page. I compiled topics about Pinterest to help you get started.