The Exact Steps I Did To Become A Pinterest VA

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Want to become a Pinterest VA? Let me share with you the exact steps I did to get my ideal client and ideal rate by being a Pinterest VA.  I started getting online gigs last November 2016 but I was a General Virtual Assistant. My rate ranged from $6-$15/hour depending on the tasks. Until I realized that I deserved so much better. After just a week of applying my new strategic plan, I landed my first Pinterest client without questioning my rate. Yay!

This article is for those who want to know how I became a Pinterest VA.

Back when I was a newbie in an online career, I googled and searched for some tips on what would be the exact strategies some people applied to get a career online. I spent a lot of money for courses that I did not even finish until now. I paid for online mentors to teach me how to start.and to put me in the right direction but still, it didn't work for me. For the first 7 months of getting online gigs, my expenses were higher than what I earned.

Last April 2017, I've decided to make a difference in my online career. I'd set my goal for the next 5-10 years and aligned my daily objectives to my monthly goal. After just a week on focusing on learning about Pinterest and doing some promotion of my services, I finally had my client! And the good thing is, my hourly rate is not less than $30!

Now, I want to share the exact strategy I did to anyone who wants the same career as mine. Lucky for you, this article is free but included in the following strategies are some paid courses and applications that you need to invest to set your career in the right direction. These are the courses I enrolled to speed up my knowledge on becoming a Pinterest VA  and applications I used to setup my online portfolio

1. Create your own website- disregard this step if you already have a website. But if you don't have, I highly recommend the following to start your website and blog to attract your ideal client:

  • Squarespace- I tried Wordpress and Wix before but the best website provider that love and recommend is Squarespace. I'm not a techie myself and making my own website like this is one of the best achievements I had. If you want to learn about Squarespace, try this free course from Femtrepreneur

  • Namecheap- I can't afford yet the annual plan of Squarespace so I get my domain from Namecheap. They have plans for as low as $3.98/year. 

  • Namecheap Private Email Hosting- Their annual plan is $9.88 (or $0.82/month) only compared to GSuite at $50/ year. All Namecheap's email packages are FREE for 2 months.  


2. Start to learn all skills about Pinterest- the best way to absorb all that you read is to apply it. I have compiled all the resources you need to start learning the basics. I learned my skills from trying and applying the tips I found online. In no time, you'll get to understand Pinterest Marketing but you need to focus on reading 2-3 articles daily about Pinterest only. Don't be distracted by too many articles online

3. Start a blog- in order for you to understand the business of your client, you must try all strategy first in your own blog. Why do you need to blog? It will help you attract clients without making a proposal. It will serve as your portfolio to show that you are an expert in your chosen career. What would you write on your blog?

  • After reading 2-3 articles about Pinterest daily, apply it on your profile and website.

  • Document what you did during the application. Save a screenshot of all steps that you've done to solve your current problem.  Start creating your blog posts using your documentation.

  • Remember, READ articles about Pinterest, APPLY the tips from what you read and DOCUMENT your process. That's my formula for creating my own blog posts.

  • If you need a guide on blogging, Suzi from Blog by Number can help you.

4. Invest in the right course- Sign up to Become A Pinterest VA Today by  Horkey Handbook and get notified when the course is ready. Signing up is very important. Why? Before enrolling in the course, I get notified that they were open for enrollment and have a two-day flash sale.  iit's best you sign up NOW to get important notifications! YOU CAN EVEN START AS A PINTEREST VA WITHOUT A WEBSITE JUST FOLLOWING THE STEPS IN THIS COURSE. Here's what you will learn from the course:

  • How to use your existing Pinterest skill-set to help businesses significantly grow their brands.

  • Pin requirements and best practices.

  • What tools you should use (and who should pay for them).

  • How much to charge and how to get paid (with real life examples from a Pinterest biz).

  • The difference between inbound and outbound marketing.

  • Where to look for clients.

  • How to pitch prospects (with the exact templates that we use).

After more than 8 months as VA spending my hard-earned money on online mentors and courses, Become A Pinterest VA Today is the only course that I love and highly recommend. I have a lot of courses that I didn't get to peek again and I don't want to. Don't be like me who spent on courses that didn't work out. 

Bonus Tips: Here are additional things you need to do:

1. Get free feminine stock graphics from Ivorymix. Use it for your branding and creating your website.

2. Ensure that your branding in all your social media accounts is consistent. 

3. Create your own logo using Canva. Check the tutorial here. You can get the 30-day trial so you can create a logo with transparent background. Ensure that you cancel your subscription before the 30-day trial is up.

4. Get paid using Payoneer. You'll get a reward of $25 once you receive your first $100 from your client using this link.

5. If you are all set on your Pinterest VA career, level up by learning affiliate marketing. You can earn passive income through pinning without a blog. Learn more here.

Once you get your first client on Pinterest, message me, let's celebrate!