IV. Sample Case Studies

·         How I Increase Pageviews from 0 to 170k in 9 Months

·         Pinterest Case Study: Why You Don’t Need Pinterest Followers

·         Pinterest Marketing Case Study: Pin Scheduling from Tailwind

V. Additional Resources

·         Cheatsheet to Pinterest Limits

·         33 Tactics to Increase Pins and Repins on Pinterest

·         43 Tips To Grow your blog with Pinterest

·         Pinterest Do’s and Dont’s

After learning the basics of Pinterest, you can be a Pinterest VA, do some blogging or earn affiliate income.  Here are some ways that I personally tried and would love to recommend to you:

1. Become a Pinterest VA Today!- This is a course brought to you by Gina Horkey and Kristin Larsen. I enrolled in this course and this really helped me on how to charge my services, how to select my target market, where to find my clients, how to pitch to my potential clients, and how to follow-up. Personally, this is the best investment that I have at a very affordable price! 

2. Blog by Number Ebook- this serves as my guide on starting with my blog. I have doubts if I can do blogging but I know I just need to do it. It may not be perfect at the start but I will learn from imperfections.

3. How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliates- currently I am still focusing on my career as Pinterest VA. My long term goal will be earning passively from affiliate sales. I have to ensure that my Pinterest and website are properly setup for this. I'll give an update once I'll get my first sale. 

4. How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale- I am still currently applying the step-by-step guide on this e-book. This is where you get to know the strategies you need have to your affiliate sale in just 24 hours!